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Room Lighting Calc is a OpenGL native Cocoa OSX application specialized to perform lighting calculations for prismatic rooms.

Room Lighting Calc can generate morphologically defined parametric objects (vaults, quadric, domes, etc..) or freely be generated through the use of primitives (cubes, spheres, cones, etc..) in order to simplify the design procedures that are projected in a three-dimensional space used for modelling.

The light sources, calculated as volumetric sources, are managed entirely by RoomLightingCalc, which allows you to import, display, edit and format:

  • IESNA LM-63 (ASCII text files normally used by manufacturers of lighting fixtures-North Americans)
  • EULUMDAT (formed by European standards)
  • DXF drawings (the Application converts drawings photometry!) data files.

Photometric solids are summarised in 36 azimuthal C-curves and 180 zenithal gamma-angles, while the color of the lamps is given by the color temperature or real color.

RoomLightingCalc can export to RTF a complete list, formatted according to user needs, of the installed products and special items, full of economic computing and electrical power.

The outputs of numerical type can be plotted on the surfaces projected on the plane and shown in iso-value curves:

  • Illuminaments horizontal
  • vertical X+, Y+, X-, Y-, semi-cylindric and in main-camera direction
  • Luminances
  • RGB
  • Contrast factor (C.R.F.)
  • Glare indexes (TI, G, U.G.R., C.G.I. and G.R.).

The displayed curves can be represented in colour overlaying the view, print directly, pasted to the clipboard or saved in one of the allowed export formats (DXF, PDF, JPG)

User can obtain fast answer about how much fixtures of a certain type he need to obtain a fixed lighting level in a rectangular or L room in few steps:

  • Filling the edit fields and selecting the fixture type
  • Pressing the 'Verify' button
  • Done, the application will present the lighting sources quantity and the total power in Watt to reach a fixed lighting level in lux.
Full control of the 3D world through mouse wheel and zoom/pan/camera/rotation drawer buttons Use of layers to optimize drawing: elements in the scene can be created inside a 'virtual sheet'. User can create, delete, move, rename, hide and show layers: elements belonging to them will follow the applied rules
Element colours can be selected through a fast palette or throug the standard Macintosh colour dialogue Squared-room ceilig can be choosen between many options: single or double sloped, barrel dome, cross or dish vault
Room shape can be squared, L-shape or cutted angle A meta-project using the CIE method is implemented: the application will present the number of fixture of a certaint type needed to obtain a required lux level without building the room. Verification of the forecast is possible and will follow through the automatic construction of the room.
Results can be plotted in real/false colours, curves and values map for illuminaments, luminance, RGB, glare controls,... and exported in PDF and DXF or copy/paste procedure A report will present the list of the elements in the model, 3d and plan views, installation layout, results on each flat or curve surface, quality parameters and the computation list in rtf or rtfd format based on customizable templates
Photometries may be imported through IES-NA, EULUMDAT or through a simple DXF drawing, and can be managed through a powerfull tool The application support 3D DXF export.
Uses Resume, Auto Save, Versions and Full screen. If you quit, when you relaunch you found what you have left. No need to save, it does it for you. Always. You can use the versions feature form OS X to revert to previous version of your work. Full screen natively supported. Sandboxed and Gatekeeper signed respecting all the Apple rules for first class OS X apps
We develop for Mac from a long time. We use only Apple native technology to create OS X apps because we love the Mac and and we love pure true OS X apps Native Intel 64 bit to take full advantage of the power of the latest Macs
Optimized for OS X 10.11 El Capitan

It is possible to compare fixtures and choose the one that permits minimal consumption, and then pressing the 'Create Room' button let's the application to build the 3D model to light.

Calculations prepare the lighted model the User will be able to analyse globally through a OpenGL rendering that permits to navigate into the 3D model in real colours or colours-scale or face by face projecting the single surface on its plane and mapping lighting levels, uniformity, glare control,… that will be presented in real/false colours map, iso-curves plots or numeric table.

Room Lighting Calc can prepare a customisable report that can include pictures, list of elements and their characteristics, results and economical computation tables in a rtf or rtfd format.

It manages photometries permitting to import a standard IES or EULUMDAT photometric file and also a DWG drawing that can be interpreted by the Application: then it is possible to view, scale, rotate, mirror, stretch the single photometry or sum two ore more of them and save as a new fixture.

Furthermore each photometry can be exported in IES or EULUMDAT format or as PDF or BMP drawing file. The application permits also to prepare a complete and customisable report in PDF format.

Room Lighting Calc works both in metric or imperial units, runs on Apple computers running OSX 10.8, using full OpenGL for rendering.

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Room Lighting Calc

Procedure to calculate the number of the selected fixtures to reach 300lux on a desktop at 85cm height in a specific rectangular room


Room Lighting Calc

Procedure to calculate the number of the selected fixtures to reach 300lux on a desktop at 85cm height in a specific rectangular room: changing the ceiling colour need to recalculate the fixtures amount


Room Lighting Calc

Procedure to calculate the number of the selected fixtures to reach 300lux on a desktop at 85cm height in a specific L-room


Room Lighting Calc

Once calculated the fixtures quantity, the 'Create Room' button build the room to check


Room Lighting Calc

The OpenGL module permits to navigate in the 3D space to check results